State Board

Recognised by Govt. of Karnataka

Every child has a distinctive personality and it is the guru's responsibility to 'iron out' the rough contours to enable excellence to shine through from within. The aim of Vagdevi Vilas High School is not only to provide the students the best education, but also provide them with ample opportunities to help them imbibe into their character all that is fair, moral and pious. With our excellent infrastructure- well equipped science labs, computer centres, an extensive library, audio-visual rooms, a recreation park, a playground, the Science Tech park, English lab, Math lab and a calm and quiet meditation hall, our students enjoy the privilege of a healthy and holistic environment to learn in.

We involve our students in a range of activities so that their potential can be used productively and can be achievable as a career objective in future. Science exhibitions, yoga, meditation, karate, music, dance, theater art, sports and arts and crafts are among the many extra curricular opportunities we provide. Students are also actively involved in waste management, blood donation camps and environmental initiatives which mould them as responsible citizens in future.

»    First Language: English / Hindi / Sanskrit
»    Second Language: English / Kannada
»    Third Language: Kannada / Hindi / Sanskrit
»    Mathematics
»    Science
»    Social Science
»    Computer Science