Grade 1: Numbers (1 to 100), Addition (1 to 100), Subtraction (1 to 100), Shapes and Patterns, Money, Measurements, Multiplication, Time, Data handling.

Grade 2 :2-Digit numbers, Addition and subtraction of 2-Digit numbers, 3-Digit numbers, Addition and subtraction of 3 digit numbers, Time, Shapes and patterns, Multiplication, Division, Money, Measurement, Fractions, Pictographs.

Grade 3: Large numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fraction, Time, Money, Metric measures, Shapes, Data handling

Grade 4: Large numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and the unitary method, Factors and multiples, Geometry, Metric measures, Fractions, The decimal system, Time, Symmetry and patterns, Perimeter and area, Handling data, Roman numbers.

Grade 5: Large numbers, Operation with numbers, Geometry, Factors and multiples, Fractions, Average, Time, Decimals, Simplification of numerical expression, Percentage, Metric measures, Area and volume, Money, Representing information in graphical form.

Grade 6: More about numbers, Whole numbers, Factors & Multiples, Integers, Fractions, Decimals, Algebra, Simple equations, Ratio and proportions, Perimeter and area, Basic geometrical ideas, Understanding elementary shapes, Practical geometry, Symmetry, Data handling.

Grade 7 : Integers, Fractions, Decimals, Rational numbers, Operation on rational numbers, Exponents, Algebraic expressions, Simple equations, Comparing quantities, Lines and angles, Triangle and its properties, Congruent triangles, Practical geometry, Perimeter and area, Data handling, Symmetry, Visualising solid shapes.

Grade 8: Rational numbers, Exponents, [Squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots], Algebra, Direct and Inverse variation, Quadrilaterals, Visualising solid shapes, Menstruations, Aptitude questions, Data Handling, Ratio and proportion, Mean.

Grade 9: Number systems, Polynomials, Coordinate geometry, Linear equation in two variables, Introduction to Euclid Geometry, Lines and angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Areas of parallelograms and triangles, Circles, Constructions, Heron’s formula, Surface areas and volumes, Statistics, Probability.

Grade 10: Real numbers, Polynomials, Pair of linear equation in two variables, Quadratic equations, Arithmetic progressions, Triangles, coordinate geometry, Introduction to Trigonometry, Some application of trigonometry, Circles, Constructions, Areas related to circles, Surface areas and volumes, Statistics, Probability.